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  • don't fall for their deceptive quotes!

    Don't fall for this scam! I was quoted $160 for my iphone5s and was then offered just $30 due to "minor scratches." The phone was only 3 mo. old and had been fully protected by case and screen cover since purchase. Customer service was terrible: the phone representative spoke to me with all the cordiality of a moody teenager. I was unable to reject their offer, because due to an email issue I'd responded 6 hours after their deadline, and they claimed they couldn't stop the process. Wish I'd taken the $100 Verizon offered me on the spot. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    tensport's Picture   tensport    0 Comments   Comments
  • Selling iphone to cashforlaptops/cashforiphones

    HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! I will not use (or any of it's subsidiary companies) ever again. I would not recommend them to anyone! The payment I received was less than 1/10th of the estimate they gave me. When I called to ask why, they had a generic answer for every question that could be asked. They stated that the Iphone 4s is too old of a model to resell, so they buy it for parts. I understand that, but in my initial communication with them, I answered every question about the condition of the phone very honestly and specifically. We all know that the Iphone 4s... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    CatherineH's Picture   CatherineH    0 Comments   Comments
  • Safe in all aspects

    When I sell my phones for cash, I want the ability to track them while they are being shipped. With Cashforlaptops , this is exactly what I get--an easy way to track my iPhone 5C, which means I can rest assured it makes it to where it's going and that I get the money agreed upon when making the deal. I never have to worry about my device's security when using Cashforlaptops . More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    BairdPerez's Picture   BairdPerez    0 Comments   Comments
  • It’s been a rollercoaster ride!

    Cashforlaptops offered me $140.00 for my Iphone 4. They sent me an e-mail after receiving my Iphone4 saying , “You will get your payment after the inspection of your phone, along with a new price offer.” I was under the impression that they will bring the price slightly down. After some more days, I received a check of just $90 instead of the quoted amount of $140. I was stunned! I called their customer support and then got transferred to the purchasing department. I talked to their executive and requested him to send my iphone back. He told me that he can’t do that as... More...
  • Good Customer Service and Return Process!!!

    I sold my 2 months old Laptop to Cashforlaptop. On their site, they gave me a quote on $200 which was higher than any other online site. I shipped them my laptop and then in few days, I got a mail mentioning that my laptop was only worth of $120. I immediately called them and asked them to send my laptop back. Customer rep. was very polite and processed my request. Within 10 days, I received my laptop back and it was in the same condition as I sent them. I will try selling it on Ebay or through personal reference now. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    ArthurKim's Picture   ArthurKim    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cashforlaptops : I accepted their new offer

    I sold my Samsung phone to cashforlaptops. They quoted good money for the phone but shocked me later as I received the check for only the half of the payment they had quoted me. I felt bad and called their customer care service and talked to their manager. He said that my phone was not working perfectly at the time of inspection. When I demanded my phone back, he told me that my phone has already been processed for recycling. So they increased my offer to $120. I accepted their new offer which was not such a bad experience. More...
  • Cashforlaptops gave me a fair deal MU

    I was offered $108 on Cashforlaptops but received a check for only $70. In their terms, it was mentioned that if the customers weren’t happy with the offer, they should call them within the stipulated time frame of five days after receiving the offer. I did not want to wait for long time and thankfully they are open on Saturdays also. I did have to face some trouble trying to reach them, but it was all worth it in the end as I was able to get a relatively higher offer of $90. At the end of the day it was not a bad deal. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    AngusColeman's Picture   AngusColeman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cashforlaptops : I got a good deal!!!

    Cashforlaptops failed to give me the amount they initially quoted on their website. They quoted me $140 for my iphone 4s and ended up giving me a check for $63. Sadly, I only found out about it when I returned home from a weeklong business trip. Fortunately though, I was able to talk to get someone on the phone right away who then quickly transferred me over the Purchasing Department. After patiently being on hold for about 10 minutes, I was told that I couldn’t request for my phone to be returned to me because it was past their 5 days grace period. I was, however, able to get them to... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    AmbroseChott's Picture   AmbroseChott    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cashforlaptops : Friendly Customer Service

    This is all about your luck. I had sent my two iPhones to Cashfolaptops. They agreed to pay me $250 in the beginning. After 4 days, I received an email stating that the company is willing to pay combined amount of $150 for both my iPhones. I immediately rejected the offer and demanded my devices back. They advised me to call their customer care number to get my request processed. I called them immediately and a very polite lady answered my call and listened to me very carefully before processing my request. Once I completed the processing successfully they agreed to send my both iPhones... More...
  • Deals Quite Fairly

    I sent my two months old iPad to Cashforlaptops. They valued it at $190. After that, they sent me an email stating that I will only be getting $120 for my iPad. I wanted to reject the offer, so I decided to reject it. They replied and said that I have to process the rejection through the phone. I talked to their customer care executive in purchasing department who said that because I have applied within five days of their terms and conditions, they will process my request as requested. He even gave me a confirmation number. After some days, I got my device back. They deal fairly if we... More...
    AlfredBloss's Picture   AlfredBloss    0 Comments   Comments
  • Nice Dealing with

    I was offered $80 on but received a check for only $50. In their terms, it was mentioned that if the customers weren’t happy with the offer, they should call them within five days of receiving the offer. After reading all the reviews about long waiting times and being hung up on, I was afraid that I wasn’t going to make it in the timeframe. Thankfully, are also open on Saturdays, so I had no trouble reaching I did have to stay on hold for about 20 minutes to talk to someone in the purchasing department,... More...
    AlfiePonting's Picture   AlfiePonting    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cashforlaptops Scam

    I sent them a working laptop and it had NO damage. I was offered $170 on a different, but offered me $225. So, I submitted info on their site and shipped them my laptop. I didn't hear back from them for 1 week. I called them after 10 days and they told me that they have sent $105 to my Paypal account. They have also sent me a mail regarding that. But, it ended in my SPAM box. I explained them everything and asked them to send my laptop back. They told me that my laptop has gone for the recycle process. After a lot of complaining on phone, they raised the offer by... More...
    AlbionBenack's Picture   AlbionBenack    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost $60 with CLost $60 with ashforlaptops

    Don’t believe the quote provided by I sent my Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone and the original quote was $250 and then they low ball me with their final quote of $150. I called them to send my phone back . They refused to send it back because I too was late to file this request. have already processed my phone. According to their T&C, I had 5 days to refuse offer. My phone was recycled and to compensate, offered me $40 more on the phone. I had no choice other than accepting their offer. It was not very good... More...
  • DON’T GET SCAMMED by Cashforlaptops !!

    Cashforlaptops quoted me $200 for my HTC Phone, but they soon turned around on their offer and sent me a check in the mail for only $110. Nothing was wrong with that phone and I most definitely did not accept their new offer! I quickly emailed them my rejection notice, to which they replied back saying that I will have to call them if I wanted to reject their offer. I called them on Saturday, and I was shocked to see that they were open on a weekend. I will at least give them that for making an effort to connect with their disgruntled customers. The lady I talked to informed me that she... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    AdamShaye's Picture   AdamShaye    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unsatisfied with the service provided by cashforlaptops!

    They quoted me $80.00 for my used I pad. I was informed in an email that I will be receiving a confirmation email following the inspection of my phone, which will also state the new offer price. Moreover, I was told that I had the ability to accept or reject that price and get my ipad back if I wanted to. Then, after some days, I received an email saying that a payment had been processed and that it's on the way. Naturally, I assumed it was for the quoted $80.00 price or something close to that amount. I was shocked to receive a check today for $50.00.When I called, I was asked to stay... More...
    AbnerShaw's Picture   AbnerShaw    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cashforlaptops: Please improve your system!!

    They offered $160 for my used laptop, so I sent it to them. Then, two weeks later, they sent me a revised offer of $100. No explanation was given whatsoever, despite the fact that my laptop was working perfectly fine and was in very good condition. I called their customer service, where I was put on hold for two minutes before getting transferred over to their purchasing department. The representative in the purchasing department gave me lots of excuses as to why they had revised the initially quoted amount. I knew the exact condition of my device when it was sent out. So, I argued with... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Just don’t trust Cashforlaptops

    Cashforlaptops gave me an amazing quote for my three month old Nokia phone online, then suddenly after some days they sent me an email regarding revised quote of my phone. The new quote was a little more than half of the previous quoted value. According to their terms and conditions I had only five days to request for my device be sent back to me. Then they insisted me to file my request via phone. I called Cashforlaptops to get my device back. Although, I got connected to a customer service representative in a short time, he said my phone’s screen was broken and was not working well.... More...
    AaronShannen's Picture   AaronShannen    0 Comments   Comments Reviews By Product Comments

debintheweb says: (4 years ago)
Do not do business with them. Please do your do diligence and read this companies reviews before sending them anything. I regret not looking into them before sending them anything. They totally ripped me off to the tune of $100.00

KKRASH10 says: (4 years ago)

Ok Im done playing this game. This is not how to run a business. It was never mentioned in your adds that you will be keeping my phone with OPTIONS. I DO NOT WANT OPTIONS...The deal was cash for the phone. I have not been able to speak with a real person and I myself also have a job that I can NOT be wasting time on the phone! It is almost new phone. SEND MY PHONE BACK TO ME NOW AND MAKE SURE IT IS IN THE SAME CONDITION AS WHEN I SENT IT! I have proof of this perfectly working phone, all the pictures and statements of others. This is rediculus. You have had the phone for almost three weeks.

bunnylove says: (4 years ago)
You guys are a piece of shit

vyhuynh says: (5 years ago)
It's SCAM company ! Never receive money or contact ! I will call 911 to let them know about this !

dolgov says: (7 years ago)
SCAAAMMM! Please, avoid it. Never received check, nor paypal like they promised.

selqniq says: (8 years ago)
classic bait & switch.
i sent in a crappy laptop the first time and from $165 quoted, they offered $120 because of "scratches on the front and screen". i thought fine, it had scratches, i just want to get rid of the thing.

a month ago i sent in a mint condition samsung omnia smartphone - barely used - always in silicon case and with a screen protector. cleaned to shine. sent it in original box with all accessories. quoted price $65. email device received, we'll contact you. one month later i called and asked why no one has spoken to me. in two days email - new offer $20. excuse me?!?! called the hotline, left a message simply order number so and so, telephone number so and so, call me back. they called me back. first person wasn't "authorized" to do anything so i told her i wanted the device returned. she said she's not authorized to do that either and she'll have a manager call me. 2 minutes later the manager (i give her credit, she was very nice) i spoke to said inspector report says "scratches on back and screen". REALLY? i am starting to think there are no inspectors at that place because it all sounds oddly familiar. i told her politely that that's not true and why. i said all i wanted was a fair price for the device and i was not getting that so i wanted my device back and i'm done doing business with them. i told her i'd rather donate it to someone that can use it then give it to them for $20 and what they do is all kinds of illegal. all of a sudden she was authorized to offer me the full quoted price just to make me happy.

if they are trying to scam you, call them and be polite but firm. maybe take some pictures of the device condition before you send it.

bait & switch but i give them credit for one thing - they do answer their phones and call you back. it's much more than any of the other scams out there do.

Jmaguire13 says: (8 years ago)
I sent my iPhone 3 gs in on Feb 26th and it is now March 9th--- no check, no email and no return call
An absolute scam!!!!
Avoid this company like the plague!

bala8 says: (9 years ago)
I sent my dell inspiron 6000 with broken lcd screen got quote of 65 but they only offer 20 because they claim it had scatches on the front case I will not do business with them again be carefull or use laptop trader express

bdwarner says: (9 years ago)
If you use read all the fine print. I made the mistake of erasing and reformatting my hard drive and they deducted a lot from their original offer because I did not reinstall the OS. Even though I included all OS software and their site states that they will erase and reformat the hard drive when they get it. They also said that there was more than normal were and tear and the DC jack was loose. All this took a $360 quote down to $100. Be careful!!

megs says: (9 years ago)
Was quoted $90 for my old laptop that works, good battery, and powercord. When they received the laptop they said that they would only give $20 for the laptop. They said that it was the condition I stated but that the computer was cracked. My computer was never cracked. It comes from an adult household and we don't throw our computers around. He also said that there was a lot of wear to the computer. Well its an OLD laptop what do you want. I put that in the comments before I sent it. I refused their offer and asked them to send the laptop back. They said they would charge $20 to send the laptop back which of course I fought. I looked all over their website and found there is no mention of a return fee and also quoted them word for word their policy on the matter. The guy who I spoke with "Gerome" got angry and started yelling that I was trying to scam them out of the $20 return fee and "I think I'm really smart looking through their terms and conditions because no one ever does that." He said he would send the laptop back free of charge. We received the laptop today and they removed the battery and replaced it with a dinged up battery that does not work and also switched out the power cord with one that is very very old. I had the battery and cord taped with a marker and this is not the items we received back. I have used another site and received exactly what they promised without any problems. The other laptop was older with wear..was quoted $290 and that is exactly what I received. Stay away from They are not what they seem.

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